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WTC South Tower enrty. Flight 175

Floor Spacing, and what seems to me an unidentified structure problem
( this structure problem was present in closeups before the plane hit )

The fuselage may well have entered only hitting one or two outer support beams,
not hitting the floor structure itself, and possibally missing any major support columbs or elevator shafts. The fuselage is like a long hollow tube piercing through, where as the wings would have been sheared off by hitting at least one, or probabally 2-3 floors. The floors present more resistance being that they are a continuous structure.

Just before the plane hits, It looks like something is in front of it?
It is possible that this is a peculiarity
in the process of saving the image from a video frame.

(enlargement here)

This is a frame from the video of something exiting the building.
How could the nose, or front part of the main fuselage survive intact
all the way through the building?

(enlargement here)

Engine diameter. 9 ft. 6 in Engine length 11 ft 6 in

What exited had a rounded front, and was longer than 11ft.

One thing i did not expect is that, since the gas tanks are 90ft apart,
why was so much of the explosion exiting the building?

The wings should have sheared off, with the tanks,
and the fuel should not have made it all the way through the building.

So what exploded so violently on the other side?

Notice the helicopter on the pic above, he must have had a heck of a view of the whole thing!

Several projectiles are seen exiting the back wall. While some are smaller and do not have a smoke trail, one is larger, and seems to have a prominent trail. The larger object ( which would also be the heavier one) seems to be traveling much faster.
While I understand that in such an explosion, there will be some fragments being propelled outward. The larger one seems odd to me . Also, none of these oblects are what is seen on the related pages.

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